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I have an extra steam table top steam table and I am going to start experimenting on useing it as a sous vide, as soon as all the wedding and open house cooking is complete.  I was very inspired by this list to try to make my own.
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It just won the awards for Cookbook of the Year by the James Beard Foundation and also took home a second Beard award in the category of cooking from a professional point of view. At the IACP awards it won the Design Award and Professional Kitchens award and something called "The Visionary Achievement Award". 

I was hoping they would tackle baking in their next volume.

So what adventures can we expect from you with regard to modernist cuisine?????
Can you blow something up in a dramatic fashion? 


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> On 30/05/2012 7:48 AM, Johnna wrote:
>> Then in cookbook news:
>> Modernist Cuisine at Home will be released October 8. This is a new cookbook by the team that created the 6 volume Modernist Cuisine.
>> "The book's 456 pages will provide home cooks with the same scientific approach to cooking the massive, 6-colume Modernist Cuisine did last year, and includes 400 new recipes. Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet are listed as authors." the book will address "how to cook sous vide at home with improvised equipment, a special-purpose water bath, or a home combi oven."
> Thanks for that... My credit card just recovered from buying Modernist Cuisine... Gah!
> Drakey.
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