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Fri Oct 5 10:30:12 PDT 2012

James Prescott / Thorvald wrote:
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> For questions, I'd still use this list, and other SCA lists, rather than
> Facebook for queries, though that is slowly changing. [more snippage]

I really do not like Facebook.

I mean, it's fine for finding out what my friends did yesterday. But since old posts disappear into the mists of a few days ago, i highly dislike that so many SCA e-lists seem to be migrating there.

I like real e-mail lists because i can look for old posts that may have the answer i want, instead of having to ask the same old question over again. I like that i can study the evolution of concepts such as chivalry within a certain group of people. I can search for names of resources and worked out recipes (again, seeing the evolution of interpretation over time) without having to ask what they are redundantly.

I feel similarly about blogs replacing websites. That is, a blog is good as a diary. But in many cases, again, old stuff disappears into the mists of a few months ago (although that can depend on the blog site and the blogiste). I have to hunt for information that may not be discoverable, depending on keywords or how the site is set up. I guess people don't want to have to update their websites, and with a blog all they have to do is write that they've added info or changed an interpretation.

I guess i'm just an old fogey - in wanting some information to be stable.

Urtatim Crankypants

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