[Sca-cooks] Looking for Recipes for Seville Orange Peel

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Tue Oct 9 11:58:39 PDT 2012

>I've just scored a heap of Seville Orange 
>Peel... I'll keep and freeze the juice for 
>recipes later but I want to use the peel...
>I do remember the ex-wife years ago making 
>suckets from the peel, but for the life of me, I 
>cant find a recipe...

Rumpolt has a number of recipes using Seville 
oranges (Pomerantzen) the peel, the juice, as 
well as the whole fruit.  No mention of sweet 

	Meat is often studded or covered (gespickt) with orange peel
then stud it with a Seville orange/ and cut the 
orange wide/ and nicely thin/ and stud it with it 
(stick pieces of the orange peel into the meat)/ 
and when it is nearly time to dress it/

	Meat or fish is cooked with orange juice

	Orange juice squeezed over meat just before it is served.
When one wants to dress it on a table/ then one 
presses sour Seville orange juice into it/ then 
it will be good and lovely.

Carbonados from the capon.  Take the capon/ pull 
the skin off/ dismember thighs and wings from it/ 
beat with a knife back/ salt and pepper it/ lay 
it on a grill/ and roast it quickly away/ baste 
it with hot bacon (with bacon fat??)/ and when 
you will dress it/ then pour a nice brown broth 
over it/ or peel a seville
/ that is sour/ nicely wide and thin/ lay it 
nicely on the carbonados/ and press the juice 
from the seville orange on it/ and let it be soon 
carried onto a table/ while it is warm/ like this 
it is good and elegant.

	"Pobrat" sauce is made with orange juice.

And if you will take with it Seville oranges/ 
salted or unsalted lemons/ then slice it nicely 
wide under it/ or make a pepper (sauce) under it 
from a chicken blood/ Then take to it a little 
black raisins/ cinnamon/ cloves/ ground pepper/ 
and a little sugar/ let it come to a boil 
together/ then give it under the roast.)

When one will give it warm/ then one makes a 
Pobrat sauce under it/ be it sweet or sour/ or 
else in a brown broth/ that is nicely sour.  Or 
make a sweet Pobrat sauce/ take a good handful of 
sugar/ that is ground/ add it in a small tinned 
kettle/ or in a small pan/ that the potter makes/ 
add to it sugar/ ground cinnamon/ take also a 
little saffron and cloves under it/ pour a little 
wine over it/ that the sugar just melts and 
glazes/ cut from a citron nicely wide under it/ 
or from salted/ or sour lemon/ that is fresh/ or 
from a Seville orange/ Put it in the kettle/ and 
let just a boil open (come just to a boil)/ so it 
becomes nicely white from sugar/ when it is 
cooked.  If you will instead save the sugar/ then 
take a little browned flour to it/ so the probrat 
also becomes thick and good/ also pour a little 
vinegar in it/ so it becomes lovely and well 
tasting. And such a pobrat sauce one can give 
under all sorts of birds/ that are roasted/ also 
well with wild game.

Cold roasted rock pheasant with a pobrat sauce/ 
which has no fat/ as is described before/ to make 
the pobrat from pure sugar/ let come to a boil 
with wine and vinegar/ orange or lemon sliced 
nicely wide/ let come to a boil with it/ after 
that pour into the dish and let become cold/ lay 
the roasted rock pheasant in it/ when it is 
sprinkled with cloves and cinnamon/ and not with 
bacon/ because it is not lovely with bacon/ 
especially if one wishes to eat it cold in this 

A pheasant roasted warm with a sweet Pobrat 
sauce.  Take wine/ likewise also a little 
vinegar/ saffron/ cinnamon and seville orange 
sliced in it/ sour lemon or citron made well 
sweet/ and let come to a boil with it/ that it 
becomes thick from sugar/ like this it becomes 
good and also well tasting.

	Seville oranges sliced and sprinkled with 
sugar are one of the usual condiments 
(Zugehörung) served with a roast.

  Sour Seville orange juice. When one presses out 
the seville orange/ one mixes the juice with 
cinnamon and sugar/ given cold to the roast/ is 
good and well tasting.

Seville oranges cut nicely wide/ and sprinkled with sugar/ are also good.

	Oranges were served as a salad
	Salad from oranges and juice.
	Dry orange peels were served as a salad

Seville Orange salad/ peel and cut them nicely wide/ sprinkle with white sugar.

	Orange tart

Seville orange tart/ peel and slice them nicely 
wide/ and bake it quickly in an oven/ give it 
warm or cold on a table/ as it is good and well 
tasting in both manners.

	Both orange peels and whole oranges were preserved (Eyngemachte)

It also says to buy sugar coated (vberzogen) 
orange peels from the Apothecary (Apotecken)

Take a Seville orange peel/ soak it whole/ or cut 
it small/ let soak fourteen days in water and 
salt/ until the bitterness comes away/ wash with 
cold water/ and set to the fire in another water/ 
and let boil well/ take it out/ and cool off/ 
preserve with clarified sugar/ as one preserves 
the citron/ like this it becomes good and well 

	Then here is the recipe for citron

Take a citron (Zitron)/ and is it inside juicy/ 
then cut the juice out/ and press it/ boil it 
with quince juice/ and make sweet/ pour in a 
mold/ or in a box/ like this it becomes good and 

Take the next citron/ and slice it fine 
lengthwise/ cut the white from the peel/ prick 
the peels with a bodkin or needle/ soak in a cold 
water/ pour a handful of salt or three into it/ 
after the citron/  and let soak in it three or 
four nights/ wash again three or four waters/ and 
let soak again a night or two/ that the salt 
comes away

set to (the fire) in a tinned fish kettle with 
water/ and let simmer/ until one can pull the 
yellow peel away with the fingers/ put them on a 
clean board with the white/ that you have cut 

Since the gold from citron must boil longer/ than 
the white/ and when has cooled down a little/ 
then put it in clear sugar/ that is clarified and 
nicely cooked thick/ let lay there in a day or 
four/ so the sugar becomes thin again/ then 
clarify it again as a new with white from an egg/ 
let cook until thick again/

pour it through a wool cloth/ pour it again over 
the citron/ and put three or four times 
therefore/ like this it becomes even better/ and 
keeps long.  Thus one preserves the citron.  You 
might also cut the peel from citron nicely thin 
and long/ like this it is also elegant and good.

	Or made into preserves

Seville orange juice let boil with peach juice/ becomes good and well tasting.


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