[Sca-cooks] OT: Gruesome Cakes

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Oct 24 16:44:37 PDT 2012

>I really like the maggots in the cupcakes.

Rumpolt has two dishes that look like maggots, 
made by pushing food through a strainer.

Zugemüß 70.  Take fresh eggs/ beat yolk and white 
through each other/ salt it/ and pour in a hot 
boiling milk/ stir around/ until it is cooked/ 
pour it on a strainer/ and press it through a 
strainer into a dish/ so it looks like maggots 
(maden)/ when you will give it on a table/ then 
sprinkle it with small comfits/ and fair (or 
clarified) white sugar/ like this one calls it a 
maggot pottage.

Zugemüß 71.  Take egg yolks and salt in it/ pour 
a little milk in it/ stir though each other/ and 
let strain through a hair cloth/ make it sweet 
with sugar/ and toss into milk when it boils/ 
stir around/ that it does not scorch/ pour it 
into a bowl/ that has holes/ or in another mold/ 
let cool off in it/ that the curdled milk comes 
away from it/ turn over on a vine leaf/ and 
sprinkle Driet (sugar and spices) over it/ or 
well nothing at all/ since it already sweet. 
Thus one makes the egg cheese.  You can also make 
from this a maggot pottage.


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