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On 8/31/12 8:43 PM, Sharon Palmer wrote:
>> The third was a recipe for mutajjana, a vinegary chicken dish
>> Disjoint plumb pullets. Using a knife, cut open---from the 
>> inside---the chest and the back all the way down to the tail to be 
>> able to flatten the pieces. Wash them and put them in a pot. Pour 
>> about 1/3 ratl olive oil, a similar amount of water, and 1 dirham (3 
>> grams) salt. Let the pot cook until all water evaporates.
>> Add to the pot, 1/3 ratl (2/3 c) vinegar. Stir it continuously until 
>> meat is browned and vinegar is cooked. Pour in ¼ ratl (1/2 c) murri 
>> and sprinkle 1 mithqal (4 ½ g) black pepper. Put the pot away from 
>> heat until needed.
>> Suggestions? "Browned" could, of course, be an imprecision in 
>> translation.
> If it says "pullets" - plural,  perhaps that amount of water/vinegar/ 
> oil was for more than one chicken. 

Good point. On the other hand, one of his other recipes starts out " 
Boil one chicken, pullets, [or two young fowls] ..."

Which suggests that whatever is being translated as "pullet" is smaller 
than a chicken. I gather that, in modern usage a pullet is a young 
hen--less than a year.
> Even though it mentions browning after adding the vinegar, I'd expect 
> most of the browning to happen before you add it.
Cooked, but not what I would call browned.
> Ranvaig
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