[Sca-cooks] The Shakespeare Cookbook lists SCA Authors/Transcribers

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Sep 4 11:40:38 PDT 2012

My copy arrived today and in checking out the sources I came across a nice surprise.

In the bibliography section, under "The Cookbooks" it lists the following transcriptions or editions by people
you may know:

1575	A proper new Booke of Cookery 

D. Myers (transcr.)
1567	The commonplace book of Countess Katherine Seymour Hertford  
(University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 823)	D. Myers (transcr.)

1591	A Book of Cookrye 
(STC 24897)	M. Waks, J. Waks (ed.)
1594	The good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin 
S. Wallace (ed.)
ENG	transcription
1594	The good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin 
T. Gloning (transcr.)
ENG	transcription
1596	The Good Housewife's Jewell 
T. Dawson
D. Myers (transcr.)	ENG	transcription
1597	The Second part of the good Hus-wiues Iewell 
T. Dawson (ed.)

and my own contribution of 
1573	The Treasurie of commodious Conceits 
J. Partridge
J. Holloway (transcr.)

The works are hosted by either medievalcookery.com or Thomas Gloning or by the Waks.

Very nice to see us all listed in a book by the British Museum.


On Aug 28, 2012, at 4:25 PM, Johnna  wrote:

> Came across this new title today.
> The Shakespeare Cookbook  by Andrew Dalby and Maureen Dalby. The British Museum, 2012.
> "A beautifully illustrated cookbook revealing what people were really eating in Shakespeare's time, featuring fifty original menus and recipes from 16th‐ and 17th‐century cookbooks, alongside food‐related quotes from Shakespeare's canon. Including fully‐tested modern day adaptations of all fifty recipes, this is an excellent resource for all those interested in history, cookery, literature and a wider approach to the world of Shakespeare."
> It goes along with the exhibit Shakespeare Staging the World. (For which there is also a very nice catalogue.)
> http://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/shakespeare_staging_the_world.aspx
> See: http://www.cdla.co.uk/?p=291
> Review at 
> http://thehamletweblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/shakespeare-cookbook-by-andrew-dalby.html
> Johnnae

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