[Sca-cooks] Little Black Zambo

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 17:19:58 PDT 2012

Elise Fleming wrote:

> Greetings.  I have a problem with the title being "medieval Spanish"
> when the blog recipes contain modern ingredients and add items that are
> not in the original recipe.  Because there is no medieval recipe
> included - and sometimes no medieval source - readers may believe that,
> for example, cream cheese is a medieval ingredient when the original
> recipe called for milk (goat or sheep) as an alternative instead of broth.
> I don't doubt that the modernized recipes would taste good, but I have
> too many questions about the purported ingredients to use them as
> "medieval".
This is the first I have heard of your problem and I am very 
disappointed that you suddenly speak up after so many years of my 
translating soft white cheese as cream cheese. I think you are mincing 
words. Did not soft white cheese exist in the Middle Ages? If looking 
for it today, do you want to send my readers to rural areas around tim 
buck too or do you want to help them try to recreate a medieval recipe 
on a practical basis? Instead of hitting me in the gut, I would 
appreciate constructive advise as to how to clarify this issue for my 
readers on a timely basis not years after the fact..
As is obvious I have no intention of deceiving them.
As I understand from your comments above, you want me to publish the 
original recipe like Barbara Santech's format in "Mediterranean 
Cuisine". Charles Perry/David Friedman and Robin Carroll-Mann do not 
show the original text. I do it with mine of Fadalat. No one has ever 
told me which they prefer - my format of Fadalat or mine of Medieval 
Spanish  . . .  Of course, Medieval Spanish is the most complete with 
the etymological history of the word, the recipe translated into modern 
terms and sensational photos. Really, you offer a silver platter and 
still there are those who spit in your face.
My Spanish readers do not care about the original recipe but want me to 
publish my blog in Spanish. They criticise me that they cannot find all 
the ingredients in the local supermarket. They don't care when 
Philadelphia cream cheese was first documented. If it is white and soft 
that is enough for them!
How many of you would be willing to translate into Spanish my recipes 
free of charge on a timely basis, not just in your spare time but 
whenever I publish? How about in Greek? I have an international 
gathering.  . .
Other "friends" want me to deliver all the dishes on their doorstep 5 
minutes before they and family sit down to the main meal of the day. 
(Ha, ha little do they know about the number of attempts I make a recipe 
before getting a recipe right!)
I accept criticism and am very willing to correct items when aware, when 
appropriate and when they can be accomplished in a constructive way but 
I hope you can understand that making me Little Black Zambo is 
destructive, not constructive.

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