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>> Back to the issue at hand - fresh cheese.
> The last report I read was to buy fresh white cheese at "the
> farmer's market."
> That is probably good in the states but I do not know how to
> translate that when grocery shopping in Europe or South
> America.
> Suey

In the specific case of fresh white cheese, you already own everything you need. I have made gallon after gallon of fresh soft cheese using just milk and anything sour (Even leaves of sorrel or common stinging nettle work, and work well.) If the original recipe mentions a source of rennet, such as calves' stomach, you can mail-order rennet tablets no matter where you live- go to any web site with cheesemaking supplies.
   The reason the fresh white cheese/cream cheese problem is being brought up specifically is because they are actually _very_ different products; cream cheese has anywhere from three to twenty times more butterfat than fresh white cheese. Obviously, that means you're using two extremely different ingredients and will get two extremely different results.
   I hate to say it, but you may have to whomp up some fresh white cheese and re-do your cream cheese recipes with the correct ingredient.

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