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Sun Sep 9 06:19:30 PDT 2012

Sorry I wasn't clear, I was being Arizona specific. I was wanting to know
about the Ash Fork incident in 1977 that was spoken of.  I know about the
girl in Colorado.

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Sierra Jane Downing, age 7, Denver, CO, was reported diagnosed as having
bubonic plague, 6 Sept. 2012.

The CDC also reported that the number of diagnosed cases has declined and
over the past 10 years, they have seen an average of five cases per year.
Also reported was the eastern movement of the disease appears to be holding
along the 100th Meridian.  Since that was where it was about 20 years ago,
maybe we have found it's maximum range in the US.

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I have only heard of the plague from 1992. A bunch of prairie dogs died off
and it was found that they had the plague through the fleas. The plague and
tu????, transference is usually when one is skinning and handling the animal
without gloves. Wear gloves when checking your kill and dressing it.
Also,(brother lives south of Phoenix) not just the rabbits are a part of the
warning. As above prairie dogs, rodents, and a few other critters. Cooking
thoroughly is believed to make it safe.


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