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Anyone have any more details or references on these earlier fairy tales. I had heard some of this before, and even had some of the commentary in the Florilegium until the author asked that her messages be removed. :-(


What I have left on the original fairy tales is here:
fairy-tales-msg (5K) 11/16/99 Period fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

<<< I think it was that they were not overly protective, overly sensitive and
being politically correct hadn't been invented yet. In one of the older
versions of Cinderella you have the stepmother, in order to get the
daughters' feet to fit the shoe, one had her big toe cut off and the other
the heel. Which is interesting, because this would mean that the slipper was
not clear/see through because the blood was noticed coming out of the shoe
and not seen through the shoe. If you can find the oldest fairy tales and
read them then read the same stores written through time you will see how
they progress from horror/scary, sometimes gory to fluffy bunny/magic
unicorn style.

D >>>
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