[Sca-cooks] Medieval Spanish Chef Changes/Corrections

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 16:28:50 PDT 2012

I am really grateful for your criticisms of my blogs.
I have corrected the ingredients in my blogs from cream cheese to "fresh 
white cheese," is that ok?
I have printed out the list of recipes that are not from Spanish MSS. 
There are 2 pages, ugh. What do I say when the recipe is my creation? I 
suppose I am not old enough to quote me as a manuscript??
This week has been especially exhausting and expensive for me to find 
the proper ingredients for my blogs during the week of 17 September. As 
indicated earlier finding rabbit was a rabbit hunt! I went to the 
Central Market then the market called La Vega, then the market called 
the Little Vega, then the Market next to the Central Railroad Station, 
to supermarkets. . . Finally a friend called me from her supermarket and 
told me where they were being sold frozen, next to the sweetbreads. I 
drove down there in a flash. $18 the little thing cost me weighing 1 
kilo and mind you rabbits are all bones!
In the meantime I was looking for tuna fish and not the can! The Vega 
had none, the market next to the Railroad Station none, the Little Vega 
none. At least Central Market the fishmongers swore there was none as it 
is all exported and that which remains in the country is too expensive 
for people to buy. Finally, I found a lovely tuna and took the photos to 
appear in that blog the week of 17 September. Fortunately, tuna has no 
bones but a 1 kilo of lion cost me dear - another $18.
Next, publishing 5 times a week leaves me with food to feed an army but 
by the time I am finished I am too tired to invite the army. Americans 
advise I should give it to the poor. Here they would throw it back into 
my face. Poor people scratch the earth to eat over cooked legumes as 
their teeth are bad.
Fianlly, when you pick up my errors, I am too tired to work on 
correcting them.
Total, from now on I plan to publish three times a week.

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