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Craig Daniel wrote:
> While I can't disagree with you about slaughtering animals for food,
> including ritual sacrifices (in which the animal is being slaughtered
> for food, as humanely as any other slaughter but with attendant
> ceremony and reverence), bullfighting is different. Yes, the matador's
> job is to kill the animal quickly - but only after the picadores and
> banderilleros have poked and prodded it until it is in enough pain to
> be angry. The unnecessary suffering is not immense, but it's
> absolutely an essential part of the bullfight.
When was the last time you had a 1,000 lb animal ready to gore you to 
death in an encompassed area?
I think you should read Hemingway's the Sun also Rises.
My experiences with man over beast have resulted with my escaping to 
roof tops to avoid the pig weighing 800 kilos biting off a leg with a 
chop of her jaw in her desperate attempt to live! Hemingway also taught 
me as well as my relatives who are doctors to look at the issue of man 
over beast from an medical point of view.
You say poor animal. I say poor me! I was almost gobbled up!
Which is more important your life or that of a beast ready to attack you?
In Spain, as previously stated, we have high standards to instantly kill 
our animals. If our staff does not cleanly sever the aorta we fire them. -
I have attended many a bullfight, not the ones staged for tourists. Even 
the running of the bulls in Pamplona and the running of the cows in 
other areas is scarey stuff man. One day after watching a local fiesta 
in the mountains of Valencia, when we went to fetch our car in the 
parking lot, my sister-in-law spotted a woman crying. She approached her 
and embraced her. She asked what was wrong? Her husband and one of her 
sons, she related between sobs, were killed other years in that pueblo 
during the running of cows festivities - Now she was hysterical because 
her surviving sons were defying the cows again.
Put yourself in her shoes. . .
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