[Sca-cooks] Food and racism and colonialism

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The spanish also sent the Canary Islanders to Texas.  My husband was a 
direct lineal descendant of the first alcade (Mayor) of San Antonio de 
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> Suey, our families, my and yours :), don't seem to fit with the general 
> comment I made. First of all, this is an historical fact, every empire 
> tend to send as colonisers or settlers the people not needed in the main 
> land. The Pilgrims come to the US as religious prosecuted, the French sent 
> to la Nouvelle Caledonie anarchists as Louise Michel and other convicts of 
> political unrest. The Spaniards sent here to Uruguay families from the 
> Canary Islands and they felt themselves as political refugees.
> My ancestors come from Asturias in Spain and became wealthy civil servants 
> in Cuba. My great grandfather was a teacher from Spain who came here to 
> teach at new grounded university and married my great grandmother, a 
> wealthy widower.
> But your family and my family were exceptions, not the norm, dear Suey.
> Ana
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> 13 sep 2012 kl. 22:22 skrev Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com>:
>> On 9/7/12 9:52 PM, Ana wrote:
>>> Interesting discussion about racism as taboo topic in this list. For
>>> me, born in Latinamerica but living in Europe for the most of my adult
>>> life, it was not easy to reconciliate myself with my Spanish
>>> ancestors, a part of those Europeans who emigrated to the New World in
>>> the 16th century.
>>> They plundered and killed and stole all the food we eat now, corn,
>>> potatoes, tomatoes, chili, beans, coffe, sugar, spices. They were
>>> deeply racists and didn't see one of the cultures they met as their
>>> equals.
>>> Quite a joke. The biggest part of Englishmen, French and Spaniards
>>> were illiterate, many of them convicts and felons. They met Maya and
>>> Inca civilizations which were superior than them, but lacked weapons
>>> and horses and weels. It was the only reason of their victory.
>>> The whole history of food is an history of colonialism and racism.
>>> Weird not being able to discuss it here.
>>> Ana
>> My great-great-great grandfather's brother ventured to the Americas but 
>> as a university graduate. He was the second son of titled nobility 
>> married to a tiltled lady. They  ventured to the new world in the 16th 
>> century for adventure like James Mitchener's description of US college 
>> grads venturing to Iberia in the 20th Century.
>> Neither he nor his wife, nor his children were convicts, illiterate, 
>> felons or what have you. On the contrary, they were as aristocratic as 
>> the Mendozas from Spanish cardinal's family.
>> Family accounts led my family up to the 19th century which consisted of 
>> blacks and native Indians as staff members at their homes. My American 
>> ancestors did not kill on the contrary our records reveal that one was 
>> attacked by the natives and lost his right arm because of an arrow from 
>> that. By the 17th C descendants of the founding father in America were 
>> all university grads thanks to their parents sending the sons to Europe 
>> and founding universities in America.
>> The class system remains in many Latin countries. As our family accounts 
>> testify, blacks can only enter the home through the back door. Laborers 
>> never enter the home but we Latins take care of our people like family. 
>> Gringos do not understand the difference between class lines and 
>> protecting our servants. Perhaps that is a difference between Gringos and 
>> Latins.
>> Food history is another chapter concerning class system history. 
>> Tomorrow - enough for today.
>> My cats are begging for tuna fish. And you?
>> Suey
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