[Sca-cooks] OT San Antonio de Bexar was Food and racism, and colonialism

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 15:00:39 PDT 2012

Marcha Daffin wrote:
> Also my Aunt Dorothy Preston was mariied to a Canary Islander.. do Not,
> repeat, do not call them Spanish...they are to this day Canary Islanders.
That struck me as very funny.
One time walking home, a Canario caught up to me and in desperation 
asked if I could please direct him to the nearest metro station and he 
would promise never to return to Madrid. - The Canarios have a lovely 
sense of humor and a love for tranquility. Madrid is not for them!
Just before that I was in Tenerife. Approaching the main square in Sta. 
Cruz at midday there was a traffic jam. I honked my horn. The Canarios 
all shouted - What gives with the Madrileña?
I had to laugh. The Canarios are in general laid back, never in a hurry. 
One year the main road into Sta Cruz had a deep huge hole because a rock 
slid off the side of the mountain next to it killing two men traveling 
in a car. The repairs were done at midday just as everyone was going 
home for lunch. Traffic was backup for kilometers. As we walked back to 
where we were staying, we saw some people in their cars reading 
newspapers. Other cars were empty. The bars were full. No one honked 
their horn. If that had happened in Madrid sound waves would have been 
broken as Madrilenos are not all that patient.
My husband is Valenciano and proud to be so. We are all proud of our 
birth place or that of our descendents but as my husband is Valenciano 
and I Madrileno we are Spaniards. I have never heard of a Canario 
renouncing his nationality. You may ask a Canario if he is Spanish. All 
the ones I know say yes, I am a Canario.
For the record the Canary Islands became part of Castile during the 
reign of Henry IV (1454-1474) so if Aunt Dorothy did not recognize the 
fact that Canarios are Spanish nationals, I must say she is a little 
behind the times!

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