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Subject: ANST - Scribe for Blank Scrolls?

I cannot find a BLACK STAR handy-by except one with outdated information. 
I need to get in touch with whomever is the scribe who does blank scrolls. 
I sent a few in when the call went out to have them by Coronation, never
got my SASP back but got a call from a lady who wanted to put me in touch
with people who colour in preprinted scrolls.  I have since been told that
Ansteorra does not do freehand blanks, only the preprinted ones, so rather
than have the ones I sent go unused, I'd like to get them back because I
have friends in another Kingdom who want some.  However, I have not the
contact info, cannot find the slip on which I wrote the lady's name and

Replying off-list is better and all that, thanks,

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