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:Fionnghal replied to Franchesca with:
:> I took a look at that page.. at least the first manuscripts are a bit
:> old.  I think from looking at
:> the caligraphy on that first one (ms. 363) its in something very much
:> between Carolinian
:> and early Gothic. That would be about 11th to 12th century.  That's my
:> guess, I only took a
:> little latin in Highschool, so my comprehension of French is from that.
:> This is the description in French giving a history I think of where the
:> university got this
:> particular manuscript.
:> L'Evang'liaire porte l'ex-libris de l'abbaye
:> d'Averbode, O. Praem. (Belgique, prov. Brabant,
:> arr. Louvain). Cette abbaye, fond'e en 1135,
:> supprim'e en 1797 mais restaur'e en 1834,
:> poss'dait une importante bibliothSque dont une
:> partie fut acquise par l'universit' de LiSge en
:> 1821.
:Altavista offers a free translation service at
: You can enter a
:phrase or type in a web page's URL (such as
:, though you will see it does
:not work well with frames.
:I highlighted the text describing this manuscript and fed it to the
:babelfish.  This is what I got:
:Parchment; 173 FF; 277x192 Misters; eight miniatures full page; modern
:calf binding clearly on the boards of origin.
:This masterpiece of the miniature mosane date of the medium of XIIe
:It associates with virtuosity the art of the enameller and the miniaturist.
:Its eight miniatures on full page and its beautiful decorated letters
:to be engraved in metal. The blue ones, the reds and golds suggest enamels.
:Evangéliaire carries the ex libris of the abbey of Averbode, O Praem.
:(Belgium, prov.. The Brabant, arr. Leuwen). This abbey, founded in 1135,
:removed in 1797 but restored in 1834, had a significant library of which a
:part was acquired by the university of Liege in 1821.
:Bibl. J HOYOUX and Mr. DELCOURT, Evangéliaire d' Averbode handwritten
:preserved at the General Library of the University of Liege, Liege, sd.; J.
:STIENNON, " Averbode (Evangéliaire) ", in Enciclopedia dell' arte
:(under press).
:Ulf Gunnarsson

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