SC - Scrolls, scrolls, scrolls!!!!!

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Thu Dec 31 17:54:36 PST 1998

Greetings unto all  scribes!

I have two areas to discuss: 1) color copies of painted scrolls  and  2)
volunteers for creating special, original scrolls.

At Steppes 12th Night (January 9th) and Coronation (January 16th) I will
have sets of color copies of painted scrolls for cost-only sale!  I've
had several people over the years ask for color copies of painted
scrolls and have recently run off 10 sets of 11 pages of different
scrolls, some pages with two to three different samples of the same
scroll for a variety of ideas.  I will run off more sets if needed!

If you want to reserve a set now, please e-mail me and let me know.  The
cost is $22.00.

Also, I am now compiling a list of scribes who would like to be on a
volunteer list for doing special awards, as in County, Duchy, Laurel,
and Pelican awards.  Please let me know your full modern and SCA names,
addresses, e-mail address, and if you have any experience in doing
original work, etc.  I did say volunteer list; however, bribes will be mention a few:  coins of the Realm, free paint, neck /
shoulder rubs, word fame....

Please contact me personally at:    lalemons at

If you know anyone who would be interested in this information but
doesn't have web access, please tell them about the above mentioned
color copies and volunteer list.  Having just joined the "web world"
myself, I know there are several talented individuals out there who have
yet to join and may not get this message.  Please spread the news!

In hopes that the New Year finds you well, safe, and happy,

Curstaidh Magorlick, Star Signet

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