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:Hey Gunhilda!  Aslyn here.  I'll teach.
:You know, I was kinda thinking about doing a class on scroll design, but
:with a twist.  I'd like for designers to play with calliging in existing
:Charters, and play with lining them up with rulers, etc.  I've learned a
:about Charter design just from being Sable.  I thought I'd also suggest
:of solving some problems I've encountered, too (especially in my earlier
:Charter designs - eeewwwww).
:What do ya' think?
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:Subject: SC - Scribal Classes at King's College

:It has been suggested that the college of scribes try to put together
:a series of classes at King's College that covers the making of a
:simple scroll from beginning to end... so the individuals attending
:the classes can actually leave at the end of the day with a
:completed scroll.
:I thought this was a pretty spiffy idea, but I need instructors.
:Soooo..... Is anyone planning to attend King's College?   Would
:you be interested in doing a class?
:Gunhilda (autocrat)
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