SC - Charters

Weiszbrod, Barbara A (Barbara) baw2 at
Mon Aug 2 14:00:56 PDT 1999

> We already have one started. I am not sure what the stall is at the time.
> It will be a year come Elfsea Defender.
Actually, Sara and I were thinking of picking up that task, if Mistress Raya
(is that right?) is really gone from the area, and Curstaidh would like us

> The discussion is about the actual charters or the originals?
I am not sure that I understand your distinciton here, could you clarify?

> I understand that the period ones would be sans art and made on vellum. Is
> this correct?
I don't think thatTadgh is saying it has to be on vellum to be correct.
That is very very expensive.


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