SC - Mistress Rayah Blackstar replies!!

peerage1 peerage1 at
Tue Aug 3 12:39:34 PDT 1999

HI!! YES! I'm still around, been REALLY REALLY  busy with life.
Wow, 33 read messages later.....
A full detailed roughout of the ansteorran scribal handbook was
done,through the efforts of many many folks as was noted, and all i did
was type it up and download it to various folks and submit it for
reviews, add ons, and further work.
No!! You don't need my permission for ANY working on that roughout
scribal book, it's KINGDOM property, as far as i'm concerned. 
Build on it from there, please! finish it up!

Mistress Rayah Blackstar
(been wondering what ever happened to that scribal handbook project all
this time..thanks for letting me finally know)
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