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Mon Nov 1 17:19:38 PST 1999

Subject: Teacher Register page on KWHS website
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Check out the 'Teacher Registration' page on the website for the Knowne
World Heraldic Symposium (KWHS), held in Houston, June 2000... at :        (also linked in from the SCA web page
to Heraldry).
If interested in teaching a class, please fill out the form and submit it
pronto, so I can begin the class schedule.

If any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me directly.  Also, if there
are any specific teachers you would like to see at the event, please send
me contact information and any class subject they can provide, and I'll try
to get them on the schedule.

Scribes:  I am particularly interested in filling the two class tracks we
have set up for Calligraphy and Illumination.  In addition to the many
hands-on classes, some of you may consider doing classes along a more
historical or research method that is presented to the class in an
auditorium style; giving us food-for-thought and material information to
carry home and try to apply.

Feel free to pass this e-mail along to other kingdoms or friends.  Looking
forward to Y2KWHS!
BN. Hillary Rose Greenslade   Autocrat        e-mail:
marsha.greene at

Dallas, Texas

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