SC - Joan of Arc

fhavas ches at
Wed Nov 3 17:22:13 PST 1999

A friend of mine told me that he watched the making of The Messenger. That
is the new Joan of Arc movie with Mila J. (5th Element) So I waited for it
and saw what he was all excited about. Through out the part that I got to
see they kept showing the manuscripts that chronicled her life. They list
where they are from and who owns them and then the list it again in the
credits! These illuminations are incredible!!

The reason they are showing these is because the took the scenes directly
from the illuminations and recreated them on film for this movie. It was
just incredible!!

If anyone gets a chance I recommend that you tape it and figure out how to
extract the images from the recording so you too can have your own copies
with documentation to boot!

Dallas, Texas

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