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Unto the Populace of Ansteorra comes greetings from HL Borek Vitalievich
Volkov, Star Principal Herald of Ansteorra

June was an eventful month. Many offices were filled and a few have come
open. I wish to thank everyone who applied for office. The response was
very gratifying.

I wish to take a moment to thank Baroness Hillary Greenslade for all her
hard work in making Known World Heraldic Symposium a great success. She and
her staff kept everything running smoothly, the classes were informative
and much fun was had by all. Thanks Hillary!

As I mentioned, several offices have been filled as of the first of July.
Arbalest Pursuivant, returns herald for Ansteorra, has been given to by
Master Daniel de Lincolia; Armillary Herald, deputy in charge of the
kingdom heraldic consultation tables, has been given to Ld Magnus von
Lubeck; Nordsteorra Herald, Northern Regional Herald, has been given to Ld
Tadhg macÁedháin uíChonchobhair; Solstice Herald, Coastal Regional Herald,
has been given to Ld Willem Gerritsz van Wije; and Estencele Herald, deputy
in charge of the Ansteorran Web Page, was given to HL Francois la Flamme.
All of their addresses can be found in the back of the Black Star. Please
welcome them and give them all your support.

I also mentioned some positions have come open. I am currently taking
applications for three Offices: Star Signet, Twilight Herald and Bordure
Herald. Star Signet is in charge of the Scribal branch of the College of
Heralds. They oversee, promote, and guide the College of Scribes. I would
like to thank Baroness Ciurstaid Magorlick for all her years of service as
Star Signet, she has done a fantastic job. I will be accepting applications
for Star Signet until the end of August. Send your applications to Mistress
Ciurstaid and myself with a copy of your membership card.

Twilight Herald, Southern Regional Herald, is in charge of overseeing the
heraldic needs of the Southern region. Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer has
held this position for over two years and is a credit and asset to the
College of Heralds. Thank you Mistress Lorraine for all your years of
service. If you are interested in taking on this position send Mistress
Lorraine and myself an application along with a copy of your membership
card. I will be taking applications until the end of August.

The third position that is open for applications is Bordure Herald. Bordure
is the liazon between Ansteorra and the Laurel Soverign of Arms for the
SCA. They write the letters of Intent that go to Laurel and keep us
notified as to what has passed. Ldy Mari Elspeth nic O'Brien has been doing
a grand job of keeping us informed and the communiction between Ansteorra
and Laurel running smoothly for her entire time in office. Thank you for
all your efforts, you are a true asset to the College of Heralds. If anyone
is interested in taking the office of Bordure Herlad, please send an
application to Ldy Mari and myself along with a copy of your membership
card. I will be accepting applications until the end of September.

I am sorry to say that we were unable to hold a plenary meeting at KWHS.
There just wasn't time. I have there for moved it to the next Red Tape
meeting here in July. All members of the College of Heralds and the College
of Scribes should plan to attend. Everyone who wants can come, but I want
all of the officers that can make it to be there. We have a lot to go over
and plan for.

In Service to Ansteorra,

Lord Star

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