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>Subject: SC - Scribal Web Page

>Well, if you are at a loss for ideas, you can go take a peak at some of the
>other kingdom Scribal pages, then pick and choose the best ideas from >each of them.

We are far from short on ideas. My query was simply to see who had an interest in the page and to see if anyone had some suggestions we have not thought of as yet. Chiara is doing a great job with many great ideas as well as  having been to several other out of kingdom web sites. I was merely being curious and am in hopes of increasing scribal discussion and interest on this list.

>I would suggest adding some Artisan Galleries... each person could have
>thumbnail pics of 2-4 of their scrolls, with brief text to go with it on how it >was made, etc.  Then the thumbnail could be blown up for review of >details.  This would help promote knowledge on the artistry of some of our >scribes, who often do a scroll, its presented in court, and never sees the >light of day again.

Something similar to this has been suggested and at some appropriate time in the future, I have offered the use of my computer and color flat bad scanner for this and similar purposes at an indoor event.

Borek, Star

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