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Thu Feb 22 11:58:06 PST 2001

Any of you are interested in attending this years  '2001 Knowne World
Heraldic Symposium'?    June 1-3, 2001.
I missed the chance last year to attend any of the classes, so decided to treat myself to another one if it looked
interesting.   Well, this next one includes a tour of the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, in St. Paul Minnesota, where
they are doing the new St. John's Bible, that some of you may have seen in the recent issue (Dec or Jan?) of the
Smithsonian magazine.   The event is including a full day (on Friday) at the library, the morning for a tour, and the
afternoon for individual research.

I am going to begin planning for the trip and checking out best flight arrangements.  If anyone else is interested in going
and possibly sharing a hotel room, let me know.
Hillary Greenslade  Westgate/Stargate

Check out the website at:
and for info on the Monastic Library see :

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