SC - Calligraphy practice

Crystal aslyn2 at
Tue Apr 3 15:35:45 PDT 2001

With all the due restraint that I typically afford myself, may I just say:

"whooooooo doggies"!  (I'm in love with that Secretarial hand on Document
"A" of "Two Charters".....that could be a very do-able
original.....hhhhmmmmmm....oh, and that Carolingian......yyyuuummmmm)......

As to the British Museum site......June 7th, they say?  Well, school will be
over by then and........*I* could make it.....

As to the font site, I was just looking for fonts for a t-shirt:  "Carpe

Ya know, for a curmudgeon, you're pretty useful.....


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