[Scriptoris] Re: Scriptoris digest, Vol 1 #14 - 3 msgs

Gladwen@aol.com Gladwen at aol.com
Wed May 16 14:22:33 PDT 2001

Hi all gentle scribes and illuminators,
    I have been a subscriber for some time, just reading and lurking in the
shadows. I thought I would let you all know that I was here and accounted
for. I have done some original scrolls before and charter painting. I am
better at calligraphy than the artwork part, but love trying my hand at all
of it. I have an extensive library of books on the subject, including the
Gottingen Model Book. And I want to add that I really appreciated all the
charter painters in this kingdom so very much, cause it was really a
wonderful thing to see all your work and the smiles it brought to so many
people when they got those charters.

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