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Chiara chiara at io.com
Sat Oct 6 16:27:47 PDT 2001

I would like to know if there is any interest in this type of contest for
Ansteorra. Please email this list back with your ideas or comments.

Franchesca Havas
McKinney, Texas

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> This 12th Night the Scribe's office is sponsorring a contest for original
> award scrolls that have been completed since last 12th Night.  The intent
> the contest it to reduce the Kingdom Scribe's backlog so please contact
> Sable Sable/Companion Celdae for an assignment (see the Kingdom webpage
> under Heraldry officers or check the Crier for additional contact info
> the Heralds' listings).
> Categories are: Best Calligraphy, Best Novice effort (one of the scribe's
> first four original scrolls), Heralds' Choice (best use of heraldry on the
> scroll), and Populace choice.  All in attendance at 12th Night will
> a ballot/comment card.
> Information to be provided by entrant: their name and contact information,
> the calligrapher's name and contact information if different, their
> experience level(s) at the time the scroll was made, documentation for
> heraldry used on the scroll (registered - what and to whom), any
> documentation for the style of illumination/calligraphy they would like to
> provide and what award the scroll is for - Kingdom or sub-branch (the
> heraldry category is sponsorred by the herald's office and is open to all
> scrolls using heraldry, the other categories are limited to the backlog).
> Please bring the scroll in something which can be used to display it
> (temporary frame with hanger on back).  If  room permits they will be
> displayed on tables, though they probably will be hung.
> Please contact me if you are entering so I know how much space will be
> needed. My contact info: Tamlyn of Wyntersea (425-497-1038 or reply to
> e-mail).  If you don't see this on one of the lists you are subscribed to
> after this week please post it for me - Thanks:-)
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