[Scriptoris] Elevation of Baroness Curstaidh to Pelican at Yule

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Yee Haw!!!! Whoop!! Vivat!!  Doing the happy dance.

Elene Kirchenknopf

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Subject: [Scriptoris] Elevation of Baroness Curstaidh to Pelican at Yule

I am pleased to report, that at Kingdom Arts and Sciences, held last
weekend in Shadowlands, His Majesty announced the pending elevation of
Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick of Stargate to the honor of Pelican, a peer of
the realm.   The vigil and ceremony will take place at Stargate Yule Revel.
I will forward details of the hour, as decisions are settled upon.

Among other tasks, Curstaidh has served as Sable Scroll for four separate
Crowns, as well as the office of Star Signet.  And  I believe she is about
to take her fifth turn at the office of Sable Scroll for the upcoming
heirs, Aaron and Britta.

Please join me in sending warm congratulations to the newest (soon-to-be)
initiate to the peerage,  and one of our own!
Mistress Hillary Greenslade, OP    Stargate

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