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Hi folks,

            Please forgive if this info has already been posted.  I'm not even lurking right now, but there is a fantastic exhibit in Nashville, Tennessee that anyone who can afford to visit should.  It is called Leaves of Gold and some small amount of information can be found here http://www.fristcenter.org/exhibits.cfm?section=exhibits

The Frist Museum, just west of downtown in the old Post Office building, is hosting a collection of illuminated documents and books from the middle ages which are held in museums in the Philadelphia area.  Adelicia and I had the opportunity to see this recently while visiting family and I was completely blown away.  There are at least 8 cabinets each containing at least 6 complete bound volumes.  Breviaries, missals, hours, bibles, even secular texts and legal books.  There is a Roll of Henry IV which traces his lineage and right to rule all the way back to Adam and Eve.  This document is 18.5 inches wide and FIFTEEN FEET LONG!  There are numerous other individual leaves mounted for display including several from antiphonals and graduaries.

Gang, I'm not kidding, this exhibit only runs through January 6, but it is worth the ticket to Nashville even if you can only stay one night.  This is apparently the only presentation of this exhibit, so don't count on it coming closer.  For those in the Dallas area, we have the softbound exhibition guide which is lavishly illustrated with full color reproductions of every piece on display and you're welcome to come and see it.  We bought ours at the museum gift shop and they do mail orders.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.  There's also a concurrent exhibit of Medieval and Byzantine works on loan from a museum in Baltimore.  I was so overloaded by the time we got to them that I can't really comment too much, except to say that it was way cool.

Good luck and have fun,
the herald formerly known as Erc

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