[Scriptoris] Scribal offices now filled

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 18:37:17 PDT 2002

Greetings, all,

It is my privilege to announce that the following
scribal positions have been filled:

Star Signet: HL Annais de Montgomerie
(scribe at ansteorra.org) will succeed me as Star Signet.
She has been very active in the scribal community in
the Northern Region for some time, and I know that the
kingdom as a whole will benefit from her talent and

Central Regional Scribe: HL Ceinwen ferch Rhual
(ceinwenswan at hotmail.com) will be the new Central
Regional Scribe. Ceinwen is a former head of the
Elfsea scribal guild, a talented artisan, and a
kind-hearted and generous lady. I'm sure she will be a
wonderful regional scribe. I'd like to express my
thanks to Baroness Alys Durivau, who did wonderful
work as Ceinwen's predecessor.

Coastal Regional Scribe: Lady Lisabetta Micola da
Monte (lisabetta at ansteorra.net) will serve as Coastal
Regional Scribe. Lisabetta is the guild head in Gate's
Edge and already has a great deal of experience in the
scribal community in the Coastal Region. The region is
fortunate indeed to be the recipient of her enthusiasm
and sweet nature. My thanks to HL Mahee of Acre for
doing such a great job in this position.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the
extraordinary slate of scribal officers I've had the
privilege to work with over the last two years: Alys,
Mahee, Oriana, Gwenhuyvar, Emma, Gunhilda, Ari, Kat,
Darius, Serena, Ches, Curstaidh. Thanks also to my two
wonderful and supportive Star Principals, Borek and

I'd like to say a special thank you to the handful of
artisans who produced original artwork for the kingdom
at my request. They turned out gorgeous work for the
kingdom, usually on very short notice. For those who
aren't aware of the amount of work that goes into an
original scroll, it can be anywhere from 20-100 hours.
I am grateful to all these folks for their selfless
contributions of time and materials:
* Lady Emma Dandelion (not at my request, exactly, but
at the request of the Crown, on site at the War, which
is no small feat!)
* The Abbey of Tethepote, including Annais, Nicolaea,
Alix, Darius, and Rosalia (please nudge me if I've
left someone out)
* HL Auguaire Uisnigh
* HL Margaret Drysllwyn of Dunroth
* HL Ciar nic Ruahdan O'Seachnasaigh
* HL Suzanne de la Ferte

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the charter
painters of the kingdom. Your contributions have been

Please forgive me if I've inadvertantly excluded
anyone from this list - it was certainly not my
intent. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has
provided me with advice, support, and encouragement
over the past two years. I've had great fun as Star
Signet. Thanks, y'all!

Kindest regards,
Sara Penrose
*Retiring* Star Signet

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