[Scriptoris] Denton requesting assistance

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 12 10:09:51 PST 2002

--- Tamberlin <tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm in need of assistance.  I've met someone from
> Denton TX on one of my other lists.

Hey there Denton scribe,
Don't know the name or addy of the Central scribal deputy, I'm sure its on
the central webpage, but the Steppes Scribes Guild meets monthly at a house
in Mesquite, just the east side of Downtown Dallas, probably an hour drive
from Denton.  But, hey, once a month may be worth the drive.

The scribes guild is held at the home of HL Muireann (hi Muireann!) and you
can contact her via e-mail at : "Martha A. Compton" <macpob1 at airmail.net>
or by phone at: 214-321-7367.   The information can also be found on the
Steppes Webpage, probably.  Muireann will probably also know if there are
other SCA scribes in the Denton area.
Cheers, Hillary (Stargate/Houston)

PS. For modern non-SCA scribal activities, she may also be interested in the
Dallas Calligraphy guild, contact information at:
Kaligrafos - The Dallas Calligraphy Society, 818 Scottsdale, Dallas, TX
Where: Art Encounter, 230 Spanish Village, Dallas, TX  75248
When: 2nd Saturday, September - May
Contact: Dick Mussett, President
Phone: (972) 235-0936

There is also a Ft. Worth Group if that is closer:
Fort Worth Calligraphers Guild
P.O. Box 101732
Fort Worth, TX  76185-1732
Where: Fort Worth Fire & Police Training Academy
When: 2nd Tuesday of every month (Sept - May), 7:30 p.m.
Contact: Kelly Kelso, President
Phone: (682) 429-8933

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