[Scriptoris] Discussions at Round Table

Star Signet Herald star_signet at ansteorra.org
Mon Jan 20 13:16:05 PST 2003

Hi all!!!

For those of you who wished to know what was discussed at King's Round Table, I
will be compiling that information this week.

Because of the tremendous response(much rejoicing and jumping up and down), I
will be sending the information to the Scriptoris and Coastal Scriptoris e-mail

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions/questions/comments, please let
me and/or the list know.



(The discussion and commentary upon the Herding of Cats has been postponed due
to the fact that I can't find them, can't get them together long enough to stay
in one place, or coax them out of their dark little hide-y holes.  And yes, I
did try the "Eau de Cremé" and cat-fishing techniques.  Perhaps I should go for
the hard stuff, "Eau de Tuná" and reruns of Pixie and Dixie. hmmmmm......)

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