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You can start your learning right here. I know those of us who do originals would be more than willing to teach and talk. Ask your questions and we shall answer. Also there are the other two lists that Annias mentioned, there are numerous scribes there as well to help answer any questions. Next there is the internet...look at everything you can get your eyes on, see what they did and figure out how they did it. Your local library can help directly or indirectly with ILL(inter library loans). Mine has a wonderful love/hate relationship with me...They look really good on paper because of the number of books they request and return on time...and hate me for the fact that they have to fill out soooooo manyyyyyyy ILL forms<g>.
Some of us have very dramatic specializations, others of us are very general in all areas. I can do general in most areas and specialize in middle eastern.
But basically pick a style you like, and research it, and ask questions about it. We will answer.
Then pick up a pen and a brush and start. Hope to see your work online soon.
your servant,
who has a backlog of 5 scrolls to contend with before he can take on more.
 Amanda Blackwolf <amandablackwolf at cox.net> wrote:Ok, so w/ all the talk of original scrolls...and NO I'm not
offering.....where does one start learning (other than driving to Houston
from Tulsa, in June...don't think THAT's gonna happen)

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> Annais,
> I will be ready to do another scroll after Gulf Wars. I'm burned out on
> for now, after Pendaran's Pelican double page, which has taken up most of
> time the past two months.
> I can do any style with enough research, and have done mostly Celtic, as
> as Spanish, Islamic, French and English.
> Ciard nic Ruadhan O'Seachnasaigh
> Steppes
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