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I only have one in my inbox.  I'll  make a commitment to have it done by the
end of March.  Hit me up then.


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Hi Mahee,

You have asked good questions.  I will do my best to address them and answer
your inquiries.

What I am trying to do is ascertain that there are scribes out there who are
willing to help clear the backlog.  And what they are willing to do or
comfortable doing.  We can't clear the backlog without the scribes willing
do so.  I did receive a very positive response from the scribes that were
there, but that was only a small percentage of scribes that are in our
kingdom.  The peers on the list are Duchess Willow, Duke Kein, and Master
Daniel Blackaxe.  There are others, but I can not recall them off the top of
head.  Working with these 7 requests first and going by the response and
completion of these projects will decide whether or not it is worth the
of Scribes continuing to try to clear the backlog.  Or whether it's best to
the award recipients find a scribe on their own and maybe one day they will
a scroll.

About the website, I am working on a form for both the artist and the award
recipient.  This will let the CoS know what a scribe is willing to do, what
time periods, styles, etc.  And there will be a seperate one for the
to fill out what they want, don't want, time period, callig style, etc.
the request comes in, the person in charge will match up the request to the
person or persons who most match the stle/period, etc. of the request and
are able to complete the scroll within the deadline.  It will be done mostly
line.  As requests come in, I will add them to a list on the site too.

I am trying to get scribes ready to go when the requests start to filter in.

This whole project is very circular... Can't get scrolls done w/o scribes
willing to do the work.. Can't get scribes willing to do the work w/o
and knowing what the requestor wants.  It can be very confusing...got to
somewhere, so I decided to start with gathering info on the scribes.

I hope that clarifies things a bit.

If anyone has any other questions or suggestions, please post them. I would
like to hear what you think.



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>  Star Signet Herald <star_signet at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> 11. Original scrolls - There is a serious backlog of achievement scrolls
> this kingdom....Seven peers have contacted me  wanting their achievement
> scrolls/Letters Patent done. I would like to match assignment with scribes
> soon as possible. Please contact me if you are interested.
> Annais
> If we have a backlog, I would like to see who wants what...a list. This
> easily be accomplished by adding a page to our scribal site. That way we
> see who wants what and that would give us a chance to see what we can do.
> Sorry for the bad wording.
> your servant,
> mahee
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