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Ekaterina, I'm assuming that you're talking about doing an SCA-style document, which is to say, based on an illuminated manuscript page, rather than the way such documents were (and still are) actually made.
If so, you're in luck; I still have a book on the subject.  If not, I'm sorry, but I don't have anything yet on Russian legal documents.
Popova, Olga *Russian Illuminated Manuscripts* (London: Thames and Hudson Ltd., 1984)
Scope:  11th to 16th c.  Plates 14, 28 & 29 show pages with a balance of calligraphy and illumination that is suitable for adaptation into the SCA melieu.  Please note that Russian mss. illumination is heavily figural in content, and also retains much of the Greco-Roman characteristic of having the text be in a very separate "block" from the illumination.  Because of the iconographic nature of Russian miniatures, the style still looks Byzantine (from whom they got much of their culture) to the present day.  The style of the illuminated frames within which the minatures were painted does change somewhat over time, but much less so than in freewheeling Western Europe.
And now, before this degenerates into one of Serena's Patented Art History Lectures, I'll leave it at that.  If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
--Serena Lascelles
 Kitty O'Neal <kitty at swbell.net> wrote:Does anyone have reliable sources for Russian calligraphy and illumination?
I have a personal goal of getting a Russian-style AoA done and accepted as a
master, which requires good source material. ^_^

slightly manic artisan/herald

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