[Scriptoris] Actually.....attempt at "dark" hours scroll

chiara chiara at io.com
Mon Mar 17 11:16:07 PST 2003

Nope, it is the one with the banner waving on top off a jousting pokie
thingy, that German script that I love to do all the time, then a small box
at the bottom with a picture of troy burning. Page 224, folio 86. The banner
reads: VBI HELENA IBI TROJA VBI LAVS IBI LABOR (someone else translate).

NOT doing the picture of Troy burning, that is more hours of work than I
have at this point. This is due Saturday the 22nd of this month. Very simple
art but the hand is to die for. :) It is white on black.

Ansteorra, Steppes
Not all ermine spots are created equally

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> All Hail Mira calligraphiae monumenta
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