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The Coastal Regional Scribe has a very cool website, (your group would be in
the Coastal region), start there for stuff that is local to you in the way
of shopping. There is a ton of online links and shopping that can be found
off the Kingdom Scribal webpage as well.

Here are the urls

Paper - I like it simple, acid free Bristol
Ink - recently Shaffer has started to sell these 2 oz wells of ink that work
very good for the traveling scribe which is what I tend to be. :) They sell
them in twin packs and I get them at Office Depot, they also sell them at
most craft stores.
Nibs, I use a dip pen. But for those moments that you are out at a site and
no one has a way of filling in a scroll other than with a ball point I carry
your standard generic cartridge pens. I also carry a crow quill'isk nib that
is very old, it belonged to my great-great-great grandfather from Sicily who
was also a calligrapher. :)
There is a nib that I really want to own some day, the one with a reservoir
already in it, seen it a couple of times in use and thought it was the bomb.
Paints - well gouaches of course! :) And if you can look for shmekie (sp?)


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> Greetings to the College of Scribes,
> I'm located in Seawinds, and I'm quite curious about getting into the
> scribal arts, and possibly getting a guild going down here eventually, and
> was wondering what sort of materials I need to start collecting. I've
> already got a set of pens & nibs, and some inks, though, I'm working on my
> ink collection. I wanted to know what sort of inks, paints, and papers are
> used, as well as anything else.
> Thanks,
> Jaime Domingo del Valle,
> Shire of Seawinds
> mka Joe Percer
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