[Scriptoris] Steppes Warlord Scribal Activities

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 14:06:52 PDT 2003

Annais wrote, in response to Rosalia:

> Ok Boss.  Going next door... hijacking...er... umm...borrowing
> Mistress Alix's
> stuff... Will have it by ASHS!

> No es problemo...procrastination does wonders for time management...
> ::thankful
> that Latin has genitives, ablitives and does not use articles::

I know you wanted to look at my sources first; do you prefer
bibliography, emailed scans, or a combination of the two?  Scanned
images would require that I find someone with a good working scanner.
I think you can still get copies of the Latin abbreviations booklet on
Amazon.com; calligraphy just doesn't look right without the
contractions and abbreviations.


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