[Scriptoris] *The Conspiracy*

Crystal Lamb crystal.lamb at sabinevalley.org
Mon Aug 4 09:43:21 PDT 2003

I hope that you will pardon this mass posting until I can (a) find the
list and (b) find the time to track down each and every one of you and
snoggle you and (c) find the time to write each and every one of you.  I
know that what you are truly waiting for is the day that I find the time
to reach deep within to that place...

no, that new place that has grown anew since that terrible day, and give
birth to art that refuses to wither, and has been waiting patiently
through the winter months for spring.  You watered the seeds Saturday,
and made sure that they were planted in good, firm soil.  It has been so
long since my eyes have wandered across Stuart Carey Welch, Backhouse,
Basil Grey, de Hamel, the Alhambra (;-D) (;-D)...you see, what many of
you do not know is that in my apprentice days, I took my books to bed
with me...and they stayed.  In the bed with me.  ;-)

So, after the event...I took my books to bed with me for the first time
in two or three years (they were all in the warehouse - you know, single
mom and all - lol!).  And.....flopping in the floor in a huge pile of
books is exactly how it all began....in the corner in a pile of books
(lol).  I've already moved a book shelf in my room, and started moving
them in.  :-D

Oh, to open that....that huge...mucking...box of supplies.
Good.....*Lord*!  I, mean, you *really* need a road map in there.
*Really*.  I kept losing my Magic Rub in there (lol).  Don't
worry...I'll figure it out, trust me.  I plan on getting really up close
and personal with them.  It felt so good to be needed and useful again,
and you guys made that possible.  Thank you for that.

Your overwhelming love, generosity, nobility of spirit, goodness of
heart, kindness, caring, virtue, confidence and peacefulness did more to
restore my soul in one day than these last (almost) four weeks.  You
inspired and uplifted me.  Your presence graced me.  That, in a
nutshell, is the heart and soul of what we are doing here.  

There are lots of mundane responsibilities and SCA things that I must
divide my life between these days, but I will slowly merge the two
together.  My son will know a larger family as he ages, and you will be
graced with a child with an old soul.  Be patient, we will be
back....one day.  

Until then, my gracious friends....be at peace, be in love, be joyful.
Life is way too short to be hacked off, even for a day.  Be inspired as
I was on Saturday.  

Much love and adoration,

Mistress Aslyn Crystyn, OL, Bard of the Steppes, Artisan of Elfsea, Oak
of the Steppes

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