[Scriptoris] Standard document sizes, and framing said documents

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Before we remove the black line altogether, I would prefer changing from the
black line to a set of small, unobtrusive crop marks ( I emphasize small and
unobtrusive) Many people are not familiar with methods of lining up and
cutting down a sheet of paper to square. Having crop marks would be of
assist to them while being unobtrusive enough so that some one who wanted to
cut theirs to a different size wouldn't have a blaring black line inside
their frame. I will also add directions concerning the crop marks to the
care and feeding of your scroll sheet. Speaking of which have we just stoped
using that or what?


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> Darius,
> I can do this on the new charter masters, just tell me before I go make
> new sets.. which will tada be next weekend folks..
> Lisabetta
> coastal region scribe

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