[Scriptoris] Prioritizing and systems

Don Whitney dwhitney98 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 08:30:45 PDT 2003

So long as we're gearing this towards peers, Royals, and landed nobility, 
and the demand for originals and painted charters is as high as it is, and 
we've engendered the competition and one-upsmanship for great Art 
reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, why not let them commission the most 
popular artists for more impressive works?  As for the backlogs themselves, 
in period they had to wait even longer for such great works to be 
completed(paintings, musical works, tombs, etc), so it would behoove the 
above to establish and patronize an Abby or other award-producing group 
within their demenses to ensure a steady supply.  More carrots (karats?) 
mean more awards.

On a side note, if there is a calligraphy class, please let me know.  I 
really should learn to write.

Silvius, lurking and out-of-state

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>Subject: [Scriptoris] Prioritizing and systems
>Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:34:48 -0500
>I have no problem with seting our system up to be geared towards the peers
>and royals. I would add to that current and former Landed Nobility who want
>a scroll
>commemorating their investiture. (I know a few former landeds who would
>actually like to have these even though many have their court barony
>charters from after they stepped down)
>If any one of the grant orders contacts me wants something more than a
>charter then I am
>not going to stop them from contacting a scribe and commissioning something
>for themselves. These request will be on a separate "want ad" page from the
>peerage and Royals "want ads."  the "Other Want ad" page can be used for 
>charter request as well
>On to systems for handling these request:
>I am currently working on a system for
>making the request easier to process I have uploaded a CGI form to
>http://scrbe.ansteorra.org/scrollrequest.html It is noted currently;by on
>page that the form is not yet the standard request avenue and to contact 
>However I would like the scribal community to take a look at it, seeing if
>there is enough basic information for you to decide to contact some one
>regarding the commission.The information requested is based loosley on the
>info form the Abbey has used in the past.
>In Faith
> > >BTW, have I mentioned yet that I also think we need to
> > >limit our list to peers and royals (those of county or
> > >ducal rank)? Every award at grant level or below
> > >already comes with a scroll, but peers and royals
> > >often - *usually* - do not receive scrolls, so if
> > >we're going to work on backlog, I think it makes sense
> > >to start with those.
> > >
> >
> > I second this. Ansteorra has a functioning source for painted charters 
>all non-peerage/royal awards.
> >      The caveat to this would be to provide those non-peer/royal award
>requestors with a completed painted charter. There are multiple cases where
>the award recipient for some reason never gets their charter.
> >
> > Also, would we want to take on the commisions for those peers/royals who
>have moved into Ansteorra from other kingdoms.
> >
> > Ari
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