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Thu Sep 11 09:11:10 PDT 2003

Last I heard Mistress Hillary, had it and was working on it. 
That was two years ago I think. 

I know a few months back, after it was brought up again at the January round 
table meeting, I started working on my own version. I have not had a lot of 
time as of late. But when I do have it ready I am more then will to send out to 
who ever wants a copy. It is something I started as an intro into what we do in 
c & I, it will have a secontion on each of the officers and what their duties 
are, what a guild principle does. What is the differance between a chater and a 
scroll. Perfer paints, and colors. WSecontiono f web links and books to look 

hugs betta 

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