[Scriptoris] Standard document sizes, and framing said documents

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I have one copy of it I will be typing into a word document shortly (unless
Hillary finds the file and e-mails it to me first ... Please Hillary :) ) I
will post the file up on the web page with permission so it is more

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> By the way, the Care sheet would not be something the regional scribes
would normally have in
> their supply stock, as its added to the envelope with the scroll by the
Sable Scroll, when the
> scrolls are prepared and given to the Crown.  The only persons who would
normally have a copy is
> the Signet and Sable Scroll (and probably anyone who received a scroll
envelope with it in there.
> If the Regionals want to use the Care sheet for the prize scrolls and
other works given out within
> their area that may be a good idea, but the Care sheet was originally
designed with Award charters
> in mind, and may have instructions specific to that use.  I do believe
there is a line in there
> about 'if instructions are included at the bottom of your scroll, they
should be trimmed off the
> page before framing the charter'.
> Hillary

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