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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 13:23:59 PDT 2003

Yep, I only recently took the handbook up again when Annais took office, and began working on it
this summer after locating my original disks.  It had been floating around the system for a while,
in various people's file boxes; after others and myself had edited it late '99.  Since picking it
back up, I have half of it reviewed, and should have the rest edited and ready to pass back to
Darius in two weeks, if not sooner.  

Before everyone attempts to write a new handbook, wait till this one is online, as most of the
articles Lizabetta mentioned are already in there.  The current table of contents includes: 

*Introduction to Scribes (what's an award scroll, who does them, how to be a scribe, who to
contact, etc.)
*Tools and Materials- Rayah Blackstar
*Using Color in Scroll Painting - Stella Silvana
*Basics of Calligraphy
*Preparing an Original Scroll- Zinaida Umanskaya
*How to Design an Ansteorran Charter - Margaret Pierce
*Ansteorran Heraldry for Scribes 
*Suggestions of Other Uses of Scribal Arts
*Official Scroll Texts (types of scrolls, listing of awards, scroll text info for scribes, and
*Introduction of Heraldic/Scribal Offices - Thyra of Black Oak Keep (now Sara Penrose)
*Finance of Scribal and Scribal Offices 
*Creation of a Scroll-Office Administration
*Books and Sources for Materials 
*History of Scribes in Ansteorra

I know folks have waited very patiently for this handbook, as have I.  Since this thing has fallen
back into my lap again, I want to get it finished up quickly and into Star Signet's hands, so
Darius can get it online.  As has been mentioned, I'm sure many of you have some of these articles
already, but they are still good solid foundations for Ansteorra scribal arts.  Once online,
scribes can look at what information is missing and add new and more current articles.  

I appreciate you guys continued patience.  Darius will update you on the progress as it's
Thanks, Hillary 

--- Coastal Regional Scribe <coastal_scribe at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> Last I heard Mistress Hillary, had it and was working on it. 
> That was two years ago I think. 
> I know a few months back, after it was brought up again at the January round 
> table meeting, I started working on my own version. I have not had a lot of 
> time as of late. But when I do have it ready I am more then will to send out to 
> who ever wants a copy. It is something I started as an intro into what we do in 
> c & I, it will have a secontion on each of the officers and what their duties 
> are, what a guild principle does. What is the differance between a chater and a 
> scroll. Perfer paints, and colors. WSecontiono f web links and books to look 
> through. 
> hugs betta 

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