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Every Award scroll I've ever done, except Drusillas County, has been
arranged by private commision, People I knew and who Knew my work and wanted
I've had a backlog since day one, as does every C&I person I Know worth
thier salt...I've seen more than one emerging scribe cornered on first or
second delivery, not unlike people who craft metal head regalia...
The best way to get a Royal or Peerage scroll is to commision it be done at
the time the Crown will give it...
The Signet can and has assingned County scrolls, The Heirs have ofted
commisioned a scribe on behalf of thier 'parents', and often the newly
coroneted have jumped a scribe right off the bat (thats how Daffyd got on my
backlog, and when his heraldry is all straight I'll get right on it)
I agree with Sara, we have a much larger market than we have hands to
complete the task...
Maybe should check on whatts already gone up on walls, as well as
outstanding commisions...
Ms EowynAmberdrake told me years ago that she would not atempt more than
four major pieces in a years time, and rcommended to others to follow this
as a baseline, after doing two Storms and two peerage scrolls in two weeks,
I stay closed to her guideline...Proceed as you will
She also told me one of the cruelest things scribe could do was to give
someone a large award scroll regardless of the cost of framing and matting
For the piece, I always discuss this befor starting...Maybe if a taste
developed for smaller origional works, perhaps that might help some of the
pressure to produce, less exspanse of white paper to face
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> > So what do you all say peer members of the scribal
> > community? Would you
> > all be willing to go to your mailing lists (and
> > meetings) and find out who
> > wants a scroll and if they would be willing to go
> > surf to our site and
> > pick out a few choices from what they see of who
> > they would like to have
> > work done by? Would that help get things started?
> The problem here is that the folks who currently have
> work posted on the website aren't all taking
> commissions (like me, for instance - I'm booked). I
> also suspect that a lot of the folks who *are* willing
> to take commissions do not have work posted on the
> page.
> So, we can't currently use the website as a place for
> people to go "shop" for artisans. We might be able to
> build it into that eventually, if we decide that's
> what we need to do, but we need to a) get more work
> posted there, and b) do more research on the front end
> to find out who is available to do scribal work.
> Darius already seems to be working on this.
> The problem is not finding out who needs a scroll - we
> could probably have a huge list put together in a week
> if we wanted to.
> The real problem is building an active, committed base
> of scribes who are willing and able to produce quality
> peerage scrolls in quantity and in a timely way. We
> don't do this right now (and I'm a perfect example of
> this - I have a ton of overdue commissions, and I know
> I'm not the only one).
> In my personal opinion, we aren't ready, as a
> community, to start soliciting the peerages en masse
> for scroll requests. Let our Signet do a little
> information gathering before we start asking for work
> that we aren't prepared to handle yet. Trust me, it
> won't be a problem to drum up requests once we're
> ready.
> A good place to start might be to make a list of
> outstanding commissions. If we track those publicly -
> on the website, for instance - it might help us get
> motivated to complete them, freeing up more scribes to
> work on the backlog. Several folks have already listed
> what they are working on. Darius, put me down for Kat
> (County), Robin (Laurel), and Gunthar (KSCA).
> It's also going to help to have a list of folks
> willing to commit to doing scribal work on backlog
> scrolls - some of you have volunteered already, and
> that's great.
> Kudos to Darius for all his hard work so far :)
> Sara
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