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Ches , what about adding your traveling scribe article ? 


Quoting Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com>:

> Yep, I only recently took the handbook up again when Annais took office, and
> began working on it
> this summer after locating my original disks.  It had been floating around
> the system for a while,
> in various people's file boxes; after others and myself had edited it late
> '99.  Since picking it
> back up, I have half of it reviewed, and should have the rest edited and
> ready to pass back to
> Darius in two weeks, if not sooner.  
> Before everyone attempts to write a new handbook, wait till this one is
> online, as most of the
> articles Lizabetta mentioned are already in there.  The current table of
> contents includes: 
> *Introduction to Scribes (what's an award scroll, who does them, how to be a
> scribe, who to
> contact, etc.)
> *Tools and Materials- Rayah Blackstar
> *Using Color in Scroll Painting - Stella Silvana
> *Basics of Calligraphy
> *Preparing an Original Scroll- Zinaida Umanskaya
> *How to Design an Ansteorran Charter - Margaret Pierce
> *Ansteorran Heraldry for Scribes 
> *Suggestions of Other Uses of Scribal Arts
> *Official Scroll Texts (types of scrolls, listing of awards, scroll text info
> for scribes, and
> texts)
> *Introduction of Heraldic/Scribal Offices - Thyra of Black Oak Keep (now Sara
> Penrose)
> *Finance of Scribal and Scribal Offices 
> *Creation of a Scroll-Office Administration
> *Books and Sources for Materials 
> *History of Scribes in Ansteorra
> I know folks have waited very patiently for this handbook, as have I.  Since
> this thing has fallen
> back into my lap again, I want to get it finished up quickly and into Star
> Signet's hands, so
> Darius can get it online.  As has been mentioned, I'm sure many of you have
> some of these articles
> already, but they are still good solid foundations for Ansteorra scribal
> arts.  Once online,
> scribes can look at what information is missing and add new and more current
> articles.  
> I appreciate you guys continued patience.  Darius will update you on the
> progress as it's
> available.  
> Thanks, Hillary 
> --- Coastal Regional Scribe <coastal_scribe at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> > 
> > Last I heard Mistress Hillary, had it and was working on it. 
> > That was two years ago I think. 
> > 
> > I know a few months back, after it was brought up again at the January
> round 
> > table meeting, I started working on my own version. I have not had a lot of
> > time as of late. But when I do have it ready I am more then will to send
> out to 
> > who ever wants a copy. It is something I started as an intro into what we
> do in 
> > c & I, it will have a secontion on each of the officers and what their
> duties 
> > are, what a guild principle does. What is the differance between a chater
> and a 
> > scroll. Perfer paints, and colors. WSecontiono f web links and books to
> look 
> > through. 
> >  
> > hugs betta 
> > 
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