[Scriptoris] Centering and cutting documents easily

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 14 03:41:19 PDT 2003

I know I may be flying in the face of long-established tradition, but may I
offer a suggestion which may help get us out of this "delimma of the black

When I return a finished piece to my mundane commissioners, I lightly pencil
on the back (so it doesn't show through on the "good" side) the art's
vertical center line (not necessarily the paper's, though usually), and I
sometimes suggest with "border marks" where their framer is to cut for
outside edges in my suggested (standard) frame size.

As the commissioned artist, I feel it's my duty to my "patron" to indicate
the amount of "breathing room" between the edge of the artwork and edge of
the mat's inner window, as well as the outer edge of the mat where the
rabbet of the frame meets it . (Framers have a different sort of soul,

If the framer/client chooses to do it in a different size, there is nothing
to see or erase from the "window", since all those indications are on the
back, but the framer at least has guide lines.

If a light table is in use by our SCA scribes, why not use the same
indication method for our awardees?
(big snip)
> Before we remove the black line altogether,
>to a set of small, unobtrusive crop marks
>( I emphasize small and unobtrusive)
>Many people are not familiar with methods of
>lining up and cutting down a sheet of paper
>to square. Having crop marks would be of
>assist to them while being unobtrusive enough
>so that some one who wanted to cut theirs
>to a different size wouldn't have a blaring
>black line inside their frame. I will also
>add directions concerning the crop marks to the
>care and feeding of your scroll sheet. Speaking of
>which have we just stoped using that or what?
>> > >
>> > > Darius
>> > > Signet

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