[Scriptoris] Encouragement, was Scriptoris Digest, Vol 4, Issue 19

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 17 06:44:41 PDT 2003

May I suggest a question to pose to yourself when you feel so intimidated?
Here 'tis:

Will I be that good when I have had the same number of years of experience
and training as ___(X)____ has had by today? If you, after duplicating the
background, can say "Yes," then you will have no need to feel inadequate.
For now, you need to feel inspired. ["It (you) ain't soup, yet, Charlie."]

Look at all the good stuff you can. Watch how the very best scribes work.
Let them watch *you* work, so they can point out tiny areas that you can
improve. Never be the best calligrapher in class, but always make sure you
sit by the best one to get the bonus of two teachers, not just the one in
the front of the classroom.

As the mundane protege to a master calligrapher, I asked him if his ego
could stand it if I eventually got better than he was. He replied, "Stand
it? I *expect* it, or I can't call myself a teacher!"

I think he would be proud of me today, though I didn't go in the same
direction as (Rest his soul.) he did , calligraphically. (I've written two
published books and have two more in the latter stages. He only wrote one,
and that under massive prodding.)

Sometimes doing calligraphy is more than just the mechanics of the thing,
it's the psychology of the thing. Calligraphers do more with their brains
than just control the muscles that push ink around.

Hope this helps.

Lete Bithespring, Steppes (Dallas TX)
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It's kind of intimidating to work on scrolls with
> people (like at Guild) that have been doing it a long time because I know my
> work is not as good as theirs, so I tend to work alone. But I need guidance!
> :) A scribal catch 22!
> Raghnailt

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