[Scriptoris] regarding scrolls not received

Beth Hansen Beth at stormreaver.net
Wed Sep 17 23:00:59 PDT 2003

Something that I was wondering about...

First question:  If someone does not get their scroll for whatever reason,
for whatever award.... And it is created at a later date... who signs it?
The current king and queen?  The people who were crown at the time of its
awarding? Does one of the Heraldry office people sign it?  Is it dated on
the creation date, or the award-given date?   How do we handle non-peer
level awards that didn't ever get done? Are they part of the backlog, or are
they bleep out of luck?

Second Question:  Are local groups permitted to 'set their own house aright'
when it comes to clearing out the backlog, before turning to the Kingdom
level? Or would this cause problems and riots?



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